A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts With One Step

Chinese proverb

Where we want to go? What is the limit?, Do we really want to break the balance and the harmony of the earth?

on april 3, 2011 i was in a long-term serious relationship but it wasn’t with you. it was a sunday and i was really sad so you said something about it being ice cream day in the states and proceeded to invite me an ice cream cone. it was late… and i shouldn’t have accepted but i really wanted to so i put on a sweater and ran down the stairs to meet you before the ice cream shop closed. we walked around and eventually ended up by the amphitheater and i opened myself up completely because even though i didn’t know you i felt i knew you. and i told you everything that bothered me, my biggest fears and then you said a few words addressing those fears and i looked at you and nodded. and i knew right then and there. and you knew as well.

the next few days i spent burning bridges. you saw me through my worst days from the very beginning. i was going through the worst of break ups, my parents stopped talking to me, i had no idea what i was doing and none of my ‘friends’ understood. no one falls in love like that, they said. you’d come to the apartment and i’d be in my room with the windows closed, in complete darkness, crying my eyes out. you would open that big window, let the sun and fresh air in and simply hug me. that’s how it was the first few months. i didn’t want to go out, i didn’t want to see anyone but you would drag me outside. we would stay up riding bikes until 4 am, talking about everything, trying to make the most of those few months we had together before i left. no one’s opinion mattered. i’d show up late to classes every day. a lot of things fell apart but everything was okay. on our first date which i didn’t even know was a date you found me lying on the floor, covered in sweat after the gym. you opened the door and the first thing i said was i hate you. those were our beginnings. they were messy and difficult. there was no room for bullshit. everything was raw and honest.

i left argentina that december without a doubt in mind. i loved you. you loved me. now after over two years of dating long distance you are here with me. i have an engagement ring with the date april 3, 2011 engraved on the inside. the day i knew. the day you knew. we bought a motor home a few weeks ago, my citizenship application has been accepted, God willing we are getting married this july. and then we are going to do all those things we have planned for the past three years… all those crazy things everyone says we can’t do, we are going to do them all. i love you my david, thank you for waking me up and bringing me back to life.

~your future wife


The essence of dramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things

William Foster Lloyd